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Celebrity Users of the Jessner’s Peel

Celebrity chemical peelsAs with all beauty treatments, one of the best ways to see the effects of a Jessner’s Peel is to look at famous celebrities who have undergone or use this peeling procedure with regularity. However, on account of the mild nature of the Jessner’s Peel, and the general trend for most celebrities to keep some of their beauty secrets to themselves, it is difficult to know who uses Jessner’s Peels and when they have used them. There are really not many celebrities who have come clean about using Jessner’s Peels so there is more speculation than actual fact. Rupert Murdoch Surprisingly, the media mogul Rupert Murdoch is one of the better known celebrities believed to have used the Jessner’s peel, although he has not yet gone public about it. Earlier this year he suddenly appeared to have a smoother, lighter complexion with none of the tell-tale signs associated with plastic surgery. If you look carefully at photographs of him he clearly looks considerably younger and less wrinkled. Experts are fairly sure that a Jessner’s Peel is responsible, although there are some who believe a combination of certain laser treatments and possibly other mild peels may have been used. Nadine Jolie Nadine Jolie, the beauty editor, blogger and columnist swears by Jessner’s peels and although she has also tried other peel types she says that the Jessner’s Peel was the most comfortable and most effective. As a self-confessed beauty addict, Nadine Jolie is not someone who appears to need a skin peel as she has excellent skin, but it would appear that at least a part of this is due to regular skin peeling including Jessner’s peels.

How Does the Jessner Peel Work

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How Does the Jessner Peel Work | Jessner Peels The success of a Jessner Peel is predicated upon the accurate operation of unique substances being combined together to perform a miraculous peeling experience. The Jessner substances being used are resorcinol, salicylic acid as well as lactic acid. These unique components are combined to assist in the exfoliation process of the outer layer of skin, which in turn helps to create the natural peeling experience from the top layer of skin within a few days. The peel is occasionally left upon the effective area for approximately 10 minutes, followed by neutralization and the removal of the solution with cool water. Once the peel has been removed it is recommended to apply a masking or calming cream to your skin. The purpose is for the easing of any discomfort, protecting your skin and encouraging the healing process. As stated, the skin should begin to peel within a few days and continue peeling for about a week. Your skin will also go through a flaking period in which may tempt you to pick at it. It’s recommended by dermatologist that you refrain from picking at it. The New You Once you have gotten pass the peeling and flaking phase, you will undergo a healing period in which your skin will transform from below average to above average or simply beautiful, especially in relations to one’s face. Jessner Peel is used primarily on the face; however, it is currently being used on an individual’s hands, neck and chest or upon most places that have a tendency to be exposed to the sun. Jessner Peel is designed to restore naturally beauty to skin that have been effective by excessive skin exposure and acne cases where hydroxyl acid fail to make on its promise. The good news is that dermatologists around the world are using this procedure to restore a person’s natural beauty and if you are serious about having beautiful, attractive and clear skin then you may want to give Jessner Peel a run for its money.

Effectiveness and Benefits of the Jessner’s Peel

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Jessner Peel After the application of Jessner Peel, it’s likely that one of the obvious effects one will experience is somewhat of a lighter appearance to the face, which has been identified in this type of treatment as “frosting”. However, there is no need to fret because this occurrence will not last long. In fact, it’s common to experience a degree of flaking and obvious peeling with the Jessner Peel treatment. On account of the healing process being a bit long, there’s always the possibility of reapplying the peel in two to three weeks. One of the greatest benefits of using Jessner Peel is the creative opportunity of skin re-growing and this allows your skin to recuperate from the occurrence of scars and other subsequent damages. After complete recovery from Jessner Peel, your skin should be revitalized as well as a lot smoother, brighter and healthy looking. If you had been experiencing the occurrence of large pores; they will be a lot less noticeable and wrinkles, fine lines and blemishes will be less likely as well. This will be the result of basically any face peel if applied correctly, especially in regard to the Jessner Peel Solution. In fact, it is known to transform faces, which the reason behind happier and lively looking appearances. If you truly want to experience the full effectiveness and beneficial results behind the use of the Jessner Peel, it’s highly recommended that you avoid picking your skin at all cost because this will inevitably cause it scar or become infected. It’s also recommended that your refrain from applying moisturizers because it is known to reduce the effectiveness and benefits of the peel.

Jessners: What is it?

What is Jessners PeelChemical peels are used to remove and thus improve the appearance of areas of damaged, extremely wrinkled or discolored skin. The Jessner’s peel uses a special acid solution, which causes the top layer of the skin to fall off, revealing the younger, healthier skin beneath. Several peels are needed to achieve the full results, as a Jessner’s peel is designed to only affect a very thin layer of the skin each time. Usually a peel is carried out every two weeks to one month, depending on the skin type and the type of damage that the peel is aimed to improve. Preparation Prior to applying a Jessner’s peeling solution, for the majority of skin types a preparation of Retin-A should be applied nightly for two weeks. This is relatively simple, but there are some minor side effects – spots and similar blemishes will tend to come to the surface so may appear worse, although they will in fact be more easily reduced and removed by the peel because of this. Sunlight should be avoided as Retin-A makes the skin more sensitive to sunlight. Other than this there is little skin preparation required but skin should not be sunburned or seriously damaged, so other healing preparations may be necessary in order to be able to progress with a peel safely. Immediately prior to the peel a deep skin cleansing using a glycolic cleanser is recommended to ensure an even action of the peeling solution. Application The actual method of applying the peel is relatively straightforward, but takes some practice and experience to get exactly right. It is not recommended to carry out this procedure yourself, and a professional should carry out a Jessner’s peel especially for the first time. The solution is usually applied with small gauze squares, evenly over the whole area to be treated. The eyes must be avoided and care must be taken around all particularly sensitive areas. After around 10 minutes maximum, depending on the strength of the solution, whether it is a first peel and the depth of peel required, the solution is removed by washing off with cold water. After Care After each peel, the skin must be kept out of direct sunlight for four days to a week. This is extremely important as the newly revealed skin will be extremely photo-sensitive and considerable damage can be caused. Many specialists recommend treating the skin with plain Vaseline for three or four days after the peel, as a means of protection. Jessner’s solution can be used to peel skin of almost any part of the body, but particularly sensitive areas such as the genitals should be avoided. Any chemical peel will work best on areas with the most damage such as the face, arms and neck. Skin Improvement Because a Jessner’s peel will remove the surface layers of the skin, many beauty treatments which have been regularly used with diminishing results may start to work again more effectively. There are many products which cause the top layer of the skin to become resistant to them, either because they are working or because they keep inhibiting absorption. Learn more on how Jessner\'s Peel works

Benefits of a Home Jessner Peel

Benefits of a Home Jessner Peel

Benefits of a Home Jessner Peel

Home Jessner’s Peel solutions are now becoming much more readily available and safer to use. While there are some benefits to carrying out this procedure at home it is still advisable to seek medical advice before proceeding with a home peel, as there are a number of problems and complications that can be encountered. Certain medical conditions preclude the use of a chemical peel and without proper dermatological advice you may not be doing yourself any great favors by peeling at home. Different Strengths Until recently, regulations prevented home treatments from being the same strength as those used professionally, but now there are numerous full strength Jessner’s solutions and kits on the market. The use of the milder Jessner’s Peels that used to be available can be beneficial as a first-time peeler. As you gain experience with the procedure you will also find other problems you may have with chemicals as well as discover for yourself the flaking and peeling process actually works. There will be limited risk as long as ou follow the instructions carefully; however the results will not be as effective as a professional peel. Cost One of the most obvious benefits of a home peel is the cost. A home peel kit will cost somewhere in between $100-$200, whereas a professional peel will be between $500 and $2000. These figures can vary of course, depending on the jessner peel manufacturer and the severity of the problem with your skin. Don’t forget that if you encounter any complications with a home peel you will naturally have to pay for any medical help you have to seek, whereas a professional peel will have any aftercare included. If you purchase just the peel solution itself, there is also considerable cost involved in the preparatory treatments and aftercare products, so make sure you know the cost of the whole package before comparing prices. Some home peels will be available at around $30 but these should be avoided. They are most likely diluted considerably with alcohol and the end result of using them is likely to be more dryness than peeling. Secrecy and Intrigue Although it is possible to carry out a home peel yourself, it is perhaps best to get a trusted friend to do it, as it is much easier to apply the solution correctly to another person than yourself. The need to take care, especially around the eyes and to apply the solution evenly in layers can make this a slightly tricky procedure to carry out in the mirror. In addition to this, the application of cooling air to relieve discomfort while undergoing the peel can be more easily achieved by a second pair of hands. There is however an advantage to home peels applications in that you do not have to go outside immediately after the peel on your way home. Due to the need for sun protection for several days after carrying out the peel procedure, coming home from a dermatologists office can necessitate covering up, which might give your secret away if you want your peel to remain private. Many people like to carry out this procedure at home just for this reason, so they can reveal themselves after the peel effects have cleared up and healed. So the ‘surprising’ new look will be attributed to nothing more than careful cleansing and healthy eating.

Preparing for a Jessner Peel

Preparing For A Jessner PeelThere are steps to take into consideration before, during and after an application of Jessner Peel. Each step is critical to successful completion of Jessner Peel; therefore, it is extremely important that these steps be taken seriously for the full impact of Jessner Peel to be experienced. Before a Jessner Peel Application Before an application of Jessner Peel it’s not unusual for the dermatologist to give you a pre-Jessner Peel regimen to follow. This includes anything from using AHA’s or Retin- A to prepare your skin for the experience of a lifetime. The main purpose of this is to even your skin tone and condition it for an effective peel as well as reduce the chances of experiencing hyper-pigmentation occurrences. During the Jessner Peel Process Based upon the specific type of Jessner Peel you will be receiving or the depth of the peel and skin type, there is a strong possibility you could be anesthetized during the Jessner Peel. If anesthesia is needed most dermatologists will recommend that you read some information pertaining to the effects of anesthesia. If anesthesia is not needed, the procedure will commence after the preparatory steps have been taken and completed. Afterwards there is the possibility of a layer of acid being applied as well as the initiation of a timer to time the treatment. During the procedure it is not unusual to experience a warm, burning or tingling feeling or based upon the strength of your particular peel, you may even experience a stinging sensation. Most dermatologist will prepare you for this occurrence by having a fan somewhere nearby to blow air on your during this period of the procedure. The good news is that you will know about this experience prior to having Jessner Peel administered. Once the time has elapsed, the acid will be taken from your face with the use of neutralizing lotion and a moisturizer solution could also be applied as well. Then there is the possibility of dressing being wrapped around the treated area. This will be based upon rather you will be receiving a superficial peel or deep peel. After the Jessner Peel Application This is considered to be the recovery stage of the Jessner Peel solution and during this period the first thing you will notice that your skin feels as if it has experienced windburn or sunburn, and will have a degree of tightness to it. During this period, it is not recommended to make sudden facial gesture as if you are trying to make a big smile or laugh because of the risk of tearing the skin and possibly causing bleeding or even scarring. The important thing is to allow your skin to heal naturally. Nor should you peel, tug, crust or pick on your face because this can also cause unwarranted damage and even scarring. However, you may be instructed to continue cleansing your face as always, but use a gentler formulated cleanser to do it. You will also be instructed to avoid sun exposure and to use a high Sun Protection Factor sunscreen if you do have to go outside. The road to recovery is riddled with very important steps to take to ensure a speedy and safe recovery, and it’s extremely important that you follow the directions of your physician or dermatologist. You will experience even more things than listed above, including a certain degree of pinkness but there will be no reason to fret because this customary and will only a last a week or so.

Jessner’s Peel Ingredient’s 1 of 3

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Jessner Peel The Jessner Peel Solution owes its effectiveness to the use of three very important ingredients -resorcinol, salicylic acid and lactic acid. Resorcinol and salicylic acid include anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agent as well as penetrating oil while the lactic acid is used for treating any occurrences of discoloration as well as collagen stimulation and the production of elastic material. So what makes the combination of these ingredients so effective and beneficial for so many clients of Jessner Peel? Resorcinol or Resorcin What exactly is Resorcinol? It is a dihydroxy phenol used primarily in the treatment of acne, eczema, psoriasis and a number of other adverse skin conditions. It is most effective when combined with other acne treating medications, including salicylic acid and lactic acid. What exactly does it do? It is known for breaking down hard, coarse skin, which basically means it’s capable of breaking down such things as whiteheads and blackheads. It is the resorcinol ingredient in Jessner Peel that creates the greatest potential for skin peeling and is potentially irritating; therefore, one should avoid using other irritating ingredients like soaps, cleansers, alcohol products and some other forms of medications.  Order Jessner's Solution online.

Jessner’s Peel Ingredient 2 of 3

Jessner Peel Ingredients 2 of 3

Jessner Peel Ingredients 2 of 3

What exactly is Salicylic Acid? This is one of the ingredients used in Jessner Peel that is also used for treating acne and can actually be purchased as an over-the-counter acne treating medications. You may find it in the aisle where such things as Stri-dex pads are found. Salicylic acid is commonly used for treating dandruff, calluses, corns, psoriasis, warts and other deformities of the skin. What exactly does it do? Salicylic acid is known for assisting in slowing down the process of follicle cell shedding as well as the prevention of clogging. It is also known for breaking down troublesome blackheads and whiteheads. Salicylic acid is one of many forms of medication that is advised to avoided without a doctors consent when combine with resorcinol and benzoyl peroxide. This explains why qualified dermatologists are recommended in the application of Jessner Peel.

Jessner Peel Ingredient 3 of 3: Lactic Acid

Jessner Peel Ingredients 2 of 3

Jessner Peel Ingredients 2 of 3

What exactly is Lactic Acid? Most people associate the word “lactic” with milk, dairy products as well as muscle soreness and fatigue, but most aren’t aware that lactic acid is also known to be a naturally occurring human metabolite, and in combination with the other ingredients of Jessner Peel, there is actually a lesser opportunity for any allergic reactions. Lactic acid is considered to be less harsh and more moisturizing than skin peels consisting primarily of glycolic acid. It is also a meticulous exfoliation substance which is mainly responsible for the removal of the outer layer of thick and damaged skin in the Jessner Peel treatment. If used for prolonged periods of time, lactic acid has been known to be quite beneficial in the improvement of dry skin, dealing with age spots, making oily and acne prone skin much better as well as lessening the occurrence of fine lines and wrinkles. The primary reason why these three ingredients are so effective in unison is because it is known to slow down the manufacturing of oil while simultaneously healing the skin of any deformities, especially in regard to acne.

The Jessner Peel: What does it Do for the Skin?

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Jessner Peel

The Jessner Peel method is a type of skin treatment that has become quite popular in the world today. There are countless faithful fans, enthusiast and users of the Jessner Peel skin care treatment that have decided to use it for various reasons. One of those reasons is that users can see and feel the results of using the Jessner Peel. In addition to this, it can also be used on basically any type of skin regardless of problem you may be experiencing with your skin. This includes anything from mild to severe cases of acne, wrinkling and especially situations due to sun exposure. If Jessner Peel sounds like something you could be interested in then read on to discover exactly how the product works and the amazing results that many people are experiencing today.

Initial Steps to Take before Application

Before this procedure is conducted, a certified dermatologist should apply a cleanser, preferably a glycolic cleanser, to ensure that your skin is free of oil and dirt. This is critical because it allows the chemicals to penetrate your skin for maximum performance. This may also bring about a slight burning sensation but rest assure, your dermatologist is aware of this and may have a cooling device (fan) to accommodate you. Some dermatologist may even suggest or advise you prepare your skin for Jessner Peel by applying a cleanser like Retin-A during the night for 2-3 weeks.