How Does the Jessner Peel Work

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How Does the Jessner Peel Work | Jessner Peels The success of a Jessner Peel is predicated upon the accurate operation of unique substances being combined together to perform a miraculous peeling experience. The Jessner substances being used are resorcinol, salicylic acid as well as lactic acid. These unique components are combined to assist in the exfoliation process of the outer layer of skin, which in turn helps to create the natural peeling experience from the top layer of skin within a few days. The peel is occasionally left upon the effective area for approximately 10 minutes, followed by neutralization and the removal of the solution with cool water. Once the peel has been removed it is recommended to apply a masking or calming cream to your skin. The purpose is for the easing of any discomfort, protecting your skin and encouraging the healing process. As stated, the skin should begin to peel within a few days and continue peeling for about a week. Your skin will also go through a flaking period in which may tempt you to pick at it. It’s recommended by dermatologist that you refrain from picking at it. The New You Once you have gotten pass the peeling and flaking phase, you will undergo a healing period in which your skin will transform from below average to above average or simply beautiful, especially in relations to one’s face. Jessner Peel is used primarily on the face; however, it is currently being used on an individual’s hands, neck and chest or upon most places that have a tendency to be exposed to the sun. Jessner Peel is designed to restore naturally beauty to skin that have been effective by excessive skin exposure and acne cases where hydroxyl acid fail to make on its promise. The good news is that dermatologists around the world are using this procedure to restore a person’s natural beauty and if you are serious about having beautiful, attractive and clear skin then you may want to give Jessner Peel a run for its money.


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