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Anti-Aging Alternatives from Vital Actives Active D Complex Anti-Aging Serum

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Skin is the body’s key component when it comes to Vitamin D synthesis from UV exposure. Vitamin D can also be attained through one’s diet, supplements, and now, thanks to the latest anti-aging breakthrough from, from topical application in skin care. As we age, our skin’s ability to create vitamin D dramatically decreases. To counteract this effect, we must continually increase the amount of vitamin D that is taken orally to maintain the similar levels of vitamin D that we had when we were younger. The newest anti-aging product from, Vital Actives Active D Complex, proves that vitamin D can also have a more superficial role in skin health. Benefits of topical vitamin D application include the reduction of acneic conditions, collagen production, a lessening of lines and wrinkles, a reduction of dark spots due to aging and sun exposure, as well as a significant increase in skin radiance. Skin that is lacking sufficient amounts of vitamin D often shows a sallow and dull appearance, which can make us look older than we actually are. This reduction of vitamin D in the skin could be caused by diligent use of sunscreen and avoidance of UV exposure. To counteract this, your dermatologist would likely not send you to the beach unprotected, instead, the new Vital Actives Active D Complex Anti-Aging Serum is an excellent alternative for skin health.

18Actives Dynamic Eye Pack

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EYE ESSENCE Treats, prevents, diminishes, refreshes and energizes the eye area. Produces a cooling, soothing sensation to ease irritation. Eye essence is a full circle product to keep your eyes looking young and fresh during the day and lets you wake up with brighter, non-puffy appearance.
  • DIMINISH DARK CIRCLES by stimulating circulation
  • PROTEINS & PEPTIDES strengthen skin
  • PREVENTS the formation of fine lines & wrinkles
FAUX FILLER works by increasing the number of adipocytes (fat cells) in the area being treated resulting in increased volume and density of the underlying skin structure.
  • Painful injections are no longer the only option for facial recontouring
  • Works by restoring the subcutaneous fat layers that give the face a youthful appearance
  • Plumps out deep indents, lines, folds, and hollowed out areas
  • Uses body’s natural processes to Undo the damage of time
FAUX FILLER WORKS by increasing the number of adipocytes (fat cells) in the area being treated resulting in increased volume and density of the underlying skin structure. Doctors use injectable synthetic fillers to restore this fat layer that is normally lost as we age. Drastic weight loss, long term illness, and hormonal changes can also cause this skin cushioning to retract. FAUX FILLER PROVIDES a new alternative that is safe, effective, natural, and cost effective. Traditional injectables like Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen need to be re-injected as frequently as every 8 months with a hefty price tag per refill. Faux Filler can be used independently or in conjunction with these facial fillers to prolong their effects. WITH FAUX FILLER, there is no risk of deadly allergic reaction as there is with animal derived Collagen and no possibility of infection where the needle punctured your skin. Because it is your body filling in those areas with your adipocytes, there is not need to worry about a lumpy, bumpy appearance that can sometimes happen with Hyaluronic fillers. Faux Filler provides all of the benefits without the risk or pain. Why suffer when you can use Faux Filler!

A combo worth trying – Fusion Peel with Hyaluronic Anti Aging Serum

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This is a peel for anyone hesitant on trying a chemical peel.  Because it is mild, you will not feel a burn or stinging sensation.  The peel itself has a unique combination of enzymes and acids for performing a weekly exfoliating peel.   No worries about having a consultation with a skincare specialist, this peel is for all skin types.  This makes it the perfect peel for pros and home users. You can purchase the peel at for $144.00.  This is a good price based on what results you will achieve. From the manufacturer (MedPeel): The perfect choice for an at-home professional style skin care makeover. Suited for first timer skin peel users through to experienced high strength users. The Peel kit provides an awesome Level 1 Peel that can be layered to increase strength as desired. Also included is a Hyaluronic Anti Aging Moisturizer Serum great for all skin types to nourish and refresh your skin after performing the exfoliating peel. Ingredients: Deionized Water, Isopropyl Alcohol, Trichloracetic Acid, Lactic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Resorcinol, Glycolic Acid, Papaya Enzyme, Pumpkin Enzyme, Pineapple Enzyme, L-ascorbic Acid, Cellulose Gum, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Potassium Sorbate, Hexylene Glycol. Hyaluronic Anti Aging Serum : Ingredients: Deionized Water, Hyaluronic Acid, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Potassium Sorbate, Hexylene Glycol.

Benefits of a Jessner Peel part 2

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A mild chemical peel, such as the Jessner peel, can do wonders for toning up those fine lines and wrinkles that have started appearing around the eyes, forehead and mouth areas. Although, this is considered a mild peel, you will feel some brief stinging as it is applied to the skin. Often, your skincare professional will deal with this by holding a fan to your face, which helps a lot. Depending on the type of Jessner peel you are getting, it may take between one to several hours to have the procedure done by a professional. Your face will be prepared with a wash that may contain glycolic acid solution, and then the peel mixture will be layered onto your face. As with other peels of this type, you’ll have to live with some redness or browning, tight skin, wrinkling and flaking for several days. However, when all of that old skin has fallen off, you’ll be delighted at what you see in the mirror after you’ve healed. There is nothing like running your hand across a face that is smooth as silk and soft to the touch. This is the main benefit that can be experienced by having a Jessner peel.

Benefits of a Jessner Peel

One good thing about the human skin, is that it is a living organism that is capable of regeneration. Without you even noticing, your skin cells are always dying off and being replaced by new ones. Skin contains natural collagen, which keeps it plump and taught. Over time, the aging process causes skin cells to regenerate at a much slower rate. This can make your skin more susceptible to premature aging. A quality Jessner peel can speed up this regeneration process and bring back youthful looking skin. The Jessner peel was created by an American dermatologist named Dr. Max Jessner. His unique formulation contains salicylic acid, lactic acid and resorcinol. Combining these three ingredients together creates a mild, light peel that can be tolerated by most people. Jessner peels are commonly performed by a dermatologist or skincare professional. They are often recommended to patients who have mild to severe acne prone skin. Acne skin conditions are difficult to treat, and require removing the top layer of skin in order to clear up the inflammation. When a Jessner peel is applied, it can gently burn away these oil-filled skin cells, and over a period of a week or so, reveal fresh, newer skin underneath that has no blemishes or visible signs of acne. Acne sufferers aren’t the only ones who are in need of a quick skin regeneration treatment. People who want to stop the signs of visible aging are also good candidates for the Jessner peel. As you go about your normal day, your skin is constantly being attacked by natural elements like the sun’s rays or biting cold winds during the winter. Over time, this causes the skin to lose critical moisture and collagen.

Using Jessner Peel to Treat Hyper-pigmentation

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Using Jessner Peel to treat hyper-pigmentationMoving towards the treatment of hyper-pigmentation, you need to know about the hyper-pigmentation problem. Hyper pigmentation is a problem of skin which occurrs because of the sun damage. It means, ultra violet rays of the sun cause hyper hyper-pigmentation in particular area of body. Sun damage is the major reason behind hyper hyper-pigmentation. Look matters because if you have blemishes and acne you feel awkward to interact with social circles of your society. Therefore, many people are using jessner peel to treat hyper-pigmentation. There are many products available in the market that helps you to remove hyper-pigmentation and other skin problems. There are many chemical peels available that claim to remove hyper-pigmentation, wrinkles, and age spots. You can use that chemical acid peel which has tca acid ingredient. With the help of these peels you will get glowing and clearer skin. Skin peels may be mild, superficial or medium or depth. Generally, superficial peels use alphahydroxy acid like glycolic acid and salicylic acid to remove upper most layer of the skin or epidermis. Medium depth peels use tca acid to penetrate deep your skin from epidermis to dermis. This jessner recovery solution works in all condition. You will get best result from these peels. The jessner peels are the combination salicylic acid and lactic acid which is the most unique combination and definitely help you to remove hyper pigmentation problem. Mostly peels have phenol ingredient in their product which makes it more useful in case of deepest penetration. Jessner peel is the best treatment to remove hyper pigmentation with phenol ingredient. These deep skin peels remove the sun damages and other skin problems. Even deep skin peel uses to remove wrinkles, severe scars and hyper-pigmentation. Even maximum wrinkle creams are made of these acids which help to remove wrinkles. These glycolic peels are the most useful treatment of hyper pigmentation. Before applying the jessner peel you have to wash your face with glycolic acid which ensures that there is no dirt on your body. Then you just apply peel on your effected area to get the best result of this jessner peel solution. You can consult with your dermatologist before using the products to remove hyper-pigmentation problem. Consulting with dermatologist provide you some knowledge and prescriptions about how to use the skin peel safely with minimum side effects. Once you choose the jessner peel recover solution to get rid of this sun damage problem, you need to consider some important facts about the usage of these tca peels anti aging. You need to monitor that you are having top branded products because branded products ensure less side effects and best result. Next, remember to use these products according the usage description and specification of these glycolic peel products. You need to know about the side effects of these products in some cases such as inflammation, toxicity, and irritation. If you want best result from these chemical peels, you have to use it properly.

Celebrity Users of the Jessner’s Peel

Celebrity chemical peelsAs with all beauty treatments, one of the best ways to see the effects of a Jessner’s Peel is to look at famous celebrities who have undergone or use this peeling procedure with regularity. However, on account of the mild nature of the Jessner’s Peel, and the general trend for most celebrities to keep some of their beauty secrets to themselves, it is difficult to know who uses Jessner’s Peels and when they have used them. There are really not many celebrities who have come clean about using Jessner’s Peels so there is more speculation than actual fact. Rupert Murdoch Surprisingly, the media mogul Rupert Murdoch is one of the better known celebrities believed to have used the Jessner’s peel, although he has not yet gone public about it. Earlier this year he suddenly appeared to have a smoother, lighter complexion with none of the tell-tale signs associated with plastic surgery. If you look carefully at photographs of him he clearly looks considerably younger and less wrinkled. Experts are fairly sure that a Jessner’s Peel is responsible, although there are some who believe a combination of certain laser treatments and possibly other mild peels may have been used. Nadine Jolie Nadine Jolie, the beauty editor, blogger and columnist swears by Jessner’s peels and although she has also tried other peel types she says that the Jessner’s Peel was the most comfortable and most effective. As a self-confessed beauty addict, Nadine Jolie is not someone who appears to need a skin peel as she has excellent skin, but it would appear that at least a part of this is due to regular skin peeling including Jessner’s peels.

How Does the Jessner Peel Work

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How Does the Jessner Peel Work | Jessner Peels The success of a Jessner Peel is predicated upon the accurate operation of unique substances being combined together to perform a miraculous peeling experience. The Jessner substances being used are resorcinol, salicylic acid as well as lactic acid. These unique components are combined to assist in the exfoliation process of the outer layer of skin, which in turn helps to create the natural peeling experience from the top layer of skin within a few days. The peel is occasionally left upon the effective area for approximately 10 minutes, followed by neutralization and the removal of the solution with cool water. Once the peel has been removed it is recommended to apply a masking or calming cream to your skin. The purpose is for the easing of any discomfort, protecting your skin and encouraging the healing process. As stated, the skin should begin to peel within a few days and continue peeling for about a week. Your skin will also go through a flaking period in which may tempt you to pick at it. It’s recommended by dermatologist that you refrain from picking at it. The New You Once you have gotten pass the peeling and flaking phase, you will undergo a healing period in which your skin will transform from below average to above average or simply beautiful, especially in relations to one’s face. Jessner Peel is used primarily on the face; however, it is currently being used on an individual’s hands, neck and chest or upon most places that have a tendency to be exposed to the sun. Jessner Peel is designed to restore naturally beauty to skin that have been effective by excessive skin exposure and acne cases where hydroxyl acid fail to make on its promise. The good news is that dermatologists around the world are using this procedure to restore a person’s natural beauty and if you are serious about having beautiful, attractive and clear skin then you may want to give Jessner Peel a run for its money.

Effectiveness and Benefits of the Jessner’s Peel

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Jessner Peel After the application of Jessner Peel, it’s likely that one of the obvious effects one will experience is somewhat of a lighter appearance to the face, which has been identified in this type of treatment as “frosting”. However, there is no need to fret because this occurrence will not last long. In fact, it’s common to experience a degree of flaking and obvious peeling with the Jessner Peel treatment. On account of the healing process being a bit long, there’s always the possibility of reapplying the peel in two to three weeks. One of the greatest benefits of using Jessner Peel is the creative opportunity of skin re-growing and this allows your skin to recuperate from the occurrence of scars and other subsequent damages. After complete recovery from Jessner Peel, your skin should be revitalized as well as a lot smoother, brighter and healthy looking. If you had been experiencing the occurrence of large pores; they will be a lot less noticeable and wrinkles, fine lines and blemishes will be less likely as well. This will be the result of basically any face peel if applied correctly, especially in regard to the Jessner Peel Solution. In fact, it is known to transform faces, which the reason behind happier and lively looking appearances. If you truly want to experience the full effectiveness and beneficial results behind the use of the Jessner Peel, it’s highly recommended that you avoid picking your skin at all cost because this will inevitably cause it scar or become infected. It’s also recommended that your refrain from applying moisturizers because it is known to reduce the effectiveness and benefits of the peel.

Jessners: What is it?

What is Jessners PeelChemical peels are used to remove and thus improve the appearance of areas of damaged, extremely wrinkled or discolored skin. The Jessner’s peel uses a special acid solution, which causes the top layer of the skin to fall off, revealing the younger, healthier skin beneath. Several peels are needed to achieve the full results, as a Jessner’s peel is designed to only affect a very thin layer of the skin each time. Usually a peel is carried out every two weeks to one month, depending on the skin type and the type of damage that the peel is aimed to improve. Preparation Prior to applying a Jessner’s peeling solution, for the majority of skin types a preparation of Retin-A should be applied nightly for two weeks. This is relatively simple, but there are some minor side effects – spots and similar blemishes will tend to come to the surface so may appear worse, although they will in fact be more easily reduced and removed by the peel because of this. Sunlight should be avoided as Retin-A makes the skin more sensitive to sunlight. Other than this there is little skin preparation required but skin should not be sunburned or seriously damaged, so other healing preparations may be necessary in order to be able to progress with a peel safely. Immediately prior to the peel a deep skin cleansing using a glycolic cleanser is recommended to ensure an even action of the peeling solution. Application The actual method of applying the peel is relatively straightforward, but takes some practice and experience to get exactly right. It is not recommended to carry out this procedure yourself, and a professional should carry out a Jessner’s peel especially for the first time. The solution is usually applied with small gauze squares, evenly over the whole area to be treated. The eyes must be avoided and care must be taken around all particularly sensitive areas. After around 10 minutes maximum, depending on the strength of the solution, whether it is a first peel and the depth of peel required, the solution is removed by washing off with cold water. After Care After each peel, the skin must be kept out of direct sunlight for four days to a week. This is extremely important as the newly revealed skin will be extremely photo-sensitive and considerable damage can be caused. Many specialists recommend treating the skin with plain Vaseline for three or four days after the peel, as a means of protection. Jessner’s solution can be used to peel skin of almost any part of the body, but particularly sensitive areas such as the genitals should be avoided. Any chemical peel will work best on areas with the most damage such as the face, arms and neck. Skin Improvement Because a Jessner’s peel will remove the surface layers of the skin, many beauty treatments which have been regularly used with diminishing results may start to work again more effectively. There are many products which cause the top layer of the skin to become resistant to them, either because they are working or because they keep inhibiting absorption. Learn more on how Jessner\'s Peel works