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Preparing for a Jessner Peel

Preparing For A Jessner PeelThere are steps to take into consideration before, during and after an application of Jessner Peel. Each step is critical to successful completion of Jessner Peel; therefore, it is extremely important that these steps be taken seriously for the full impact of Jessner Peel to be experienced. Before a Jessner Peel Application Before an application of Jessner Peel it’s not unusual for the dermatologist to give you a pre-Jessner Peel regimen to follow. This includes anything from using AHA’s or Retin- A to prepare your skin for the experience of a lifetime. The main purpose of this is to even your skin tone and condition it for an effective peel as well as reduce the chances of experiencing hyper-pigmentation occurrences. During the Jessner Peel Process Based upon the specific type of Jessner Peel you will be receiving or the depth of the peel and skin type, there is a strong possibility you could be anesthetized during the Jessner Peel. If anesthesia is needed most dermatologists will recommend that you read some information pertaining to the effects of anesthesia. If anesthesia is not needed, the procedure will commence after the preparatory steps have been taken and completed. Afterwards there is the possibility of a layer of acid being applied as well as the initiation of a timer to time the treatment. During the procedure it is not unusual to experience a warm, burning or tingling feeling or based upon the strength of your particular peel, you may even experience a stinging sensation. Most dermatologist will prepare you for this occurrence by having a fan somewhere nearby to blow air on your during this period of the procedure. The good news is that you will know about this experience prior to having Jessner Peel administered. Once the time has elapsed, the acid will be taken from your face with the use of neutralizing lotion and a moisturizer solution could also be applied as well. Then there is the possibility of dressing being wrapped around the treated area. This will be based upon rather you will be receiving a superficial peel or deep peel. After the Jessner Peel Application This is considered to be the recovery stage of the Jessner Peel solution and during this period the first thing you will notice that your skin feels as if it has experienced windburn or sunburn, and will have a degree of tightness to it. During this period, it is not recommended to make sudden facial gesture as if you are trying to make a big smile or laugh because of the risk of tearing the skin and possibly causing bleeding or even scarring. The important thing is to allow your skin to heal naturally. Nor should you peel, tug, crust or pick on your face because this can also cause unwarranted damage and even scarring. However, you may be instructed to continue cleansing your face as always, but use a gentler formulated cleanser to do it. You will also be instructed to avoid sun exposure and to use a high Sun Protection Factor sunscreen if you do have to go outside. The road to recovery is riddled with very important steps to take to ensure a speedy and safe recovery, and it’s extremely important that you follow the directions of your physician or dermatologist. You will experience even more things than listed above, including a certain degree of pinkness but there will be no reason to fret because this customary and will only a last a week or so.