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Jessner’s Peel Ingredient 2 of 3

Jessner Peel Ingredients 2 of 3

Jessner Peel Ingredients 2 of 3

What exactly is Salicylic Acid? This is one of the ingredients used in Jessner Peel that is also used for treating acne and can actually be purchased as an over-the-counter acne treating medications. You may find it in the aisle where such things as Stri-dex pads are found. Salicylic acid is commonly used for treating dandruff, calluses, corns, psoriasis, warts and other deformities of the skin. What exactly does it do? Salicylic acid is known for assisting in slowing down the process of follicle cell shedding as well as the prevention of clogging. It is also known for breaking down troublesome blackheads and whiteheads. Salicylic acid is one of many forms of medication that is advised to avoided without a doctors consent when combine with resorcinol and benzoyl peroxide. This explains why qualified dermatologists are recommended in the application of Jessner Peel.

Jessner Peel Ingredient 3 of 3: Lactic Acid

Jessner Peel Ingredients 2 of 3

Jessner Peel Ingredients 2 of 3

What exactly is Lactic Acid? Most people associate the word “lactic” with milk, dairy products as well as muscle soreness and fatigue, but most aren’t aware that lactic acid is also known to be a naturally occurring human metabolite, and in combination with the other ingredients of Jessner Peel, there is actually a lesser opportunity for any allergic reactions. Lactic acid is considered to be less harsh and more moisturizing than skin peels consisting primarily of glycolic acid. It is also a meticulous exfoliation substance which is mainly responsible for the removal of the outer layer of thick and damaged skin in the Jessner Peel treatment. If used for prolonged periods of time, lactic acid has been known to be quite beneficial in the improvement of dry skin, dealing with age spots, making oily and acne prone skin much better as well as lessening the occurrence of fine lines and wrinkles. The primary reason why these three ingredients are so effective in unison is because it is known to slow down the manufacturing of oil while simultaneously healing the skin of any deformities, especially in regard to acne.

The Jessner Peel: What does it Do for the Skin?

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Jessner Peel

The Jessner Peel method is a type of skin treatment that has become quite popular in the world today. There are countless faithful fans, enthusiast and users of the Jessner Peel skin care treatment that have decided to use it for various reasons. One of those reasons is that users can see and feel the results of using the Jessner Peel. In addition to this, it can also be used on basically any type of skin regardless of problem you may be experiencing with your skin. This includes anything from mild to severe cases of acne, wrinkling and especially situations due to sun exposure. If Jessner Peel sounds like something you could be interested in then read on to discover exactly how the product works and the amazing results that many people are experiencing today.

Initial Steps to Take before Application

Before this procedure is conducted, a certified dermatologist should apply a cleanser, preferably a glycolic cleanser, to ensure that your skin is free of oil and dirt. This is critical because it allows the chemicals to penetrate your skin for maximum performance. This may also bring about a slight burning sensation but rest assure, your dermatologist is aware of this and may have a cooling device (fan) to accommodate you. Some dermatologist may even suggest or advise you prepare your skin for Jessner Peel by applying a cleanser like Retin-A during the night for 2-3 weeks.